Your pet is one-of-a kind
Your pet community should be too

Welcome to EdgyPet. A powerful knowledge sharing platform that brings members together based on the similarities of their pets. Find useful information. Share experiences. The possibilities are endless!

Your pet’s best life starts now.

Introducing EdgyPet, the most personalized knowledge sharing platform for pet owners.

Tap into the vast network of pet parents and supercharge how you find content that’s relevant to your pet. On EdgyPet, every pet wins.

Your pet’s best life starts now.

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About Us

At EdgyPet, we believe a pet’s best life begins with the basics - quick and easy access to information. We’ve made it our mission to improve the way pet owners find each other and share what they’ve learned.

Each EdgyPet community is unique to a member’s pet. It’s finally effortless to tap into a network teeming with relevant content, resources and connections.

Whether it’s asking a question, looking for advice, discovering a new pet favorite, sharing a story, raving about a new find, or even seeking comfort in a shared experience, you name it... it’s all possible, personalized and easy to do.

As fellow pet parents, we want to be a part of each other’s success stories. If this excites you as much as it does us, welcome to our family.

EdgyPet puts the power in your hands

We've reinvented the way pet parents seek, find and exchange valuable insight with each other.

Members engage authentically and share in ways that guide, comfort, enlighten, educate and bind us together as pet parents.

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The User Journey

EdgyPet curates personalized communities for each pet. It starts with a bit of pet fact-finding, and quickly becomes a pet owner’s most valuable resource.

The user journey

EdgyPet curates personalized communities for each pet. Connecting to YOUR pet's most valuable, you name it, is finally easy.

Create your pet’s profile. Pet traits determine your pet’s community. Change or add traits at any time. Watch your pet’s connections shift too. Create your pet's profile. Pick their traits carefully. They influence your community.
Connect and explore. Join your new community. Engage with others who have pets like yours. Explore your specialized feeds. Supercharge your experience. Join your new community. Engage with others who have pets like yours.
Share something. Sharing is the heartbeat of EdgyPet. It’s a member’s way of providing insight and imparting knowledge. It’s how we all win.
Explore your specialized feeds. Narrow the focus. Supercharge your experience.
Share something. Post about what you've learned or discovered as a pet parent.
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Join the world’s first member-powered, knowledge sharing platform for pet owners

Finding and engaging with other pet owners who can positively impact YOUR pet’s life has never been easier. On EdgyPet, communities are built around pets with similar traits - personality, lifestyle, health and wellness needs, to name a few. Finding relevant information, posted by fellow pet parents, no longer feels a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. You’re welcome!

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What makes EdgyPet unique?

Member-powered. Everything on EdgyPet has been shared by a pet-owning member.

Experience the convenience AND advantage of dynamic, open communities

Creating the most authentic and resourceful platform for pet owners means doing things differently. On EdgyPet there are no “groups”. The pets on your feed (e.g. your EdgyPet community) are there because they have something in common with your pet. When other pets like yours join EdgyPet, or if you make a change to your pet’s profile, the make-up of your pet’s community shifts too. We never want you to miss an opportunity to connect with valuable content that’s relevant to YOUR pet.

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Dynamic, open communities. A pet's community is constantly shifting to reflect the evolving makeup of the broader EdgyPet community.

Connect to multiple communities when you have multiple pets

In the U.S. alone, 85 million households own over 300 million pets. Many families own more than one pet. On EdgyPet, adding additional pets to your family is as easy as adding the first. And, no matter the number of pets, each will have a community unique to it. Use EdgyPet’s profile toggle to move seamlessly between all your pets’ communities.

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Personalized for each pet. No matter how many pets in your family, each will have a unique community. Shift between them seamlessly.

Contribute to the happiness of each pet’s life, including your own

Basically anything and everything a member sees on EdgyPet—any piece of advice, any recommended place, product, service, any tip or insight, any story, comment, experience or question, you name it—was put there by a fellow EdgyPet pet parent. It’s designed to be 100% member-created content so that it’s authentic and useful. Sharing is at the heart of the EdgyPet experience. When we all take the time to contribute, every one and every pet wins.

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Satisfying. Finding content and resources specific to your pet's needs no longer feels a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. You’re welcome.

Meaningful. When pet parents work together and take the time to contribute their insights and experiences, every one and every pet wins.

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Why People Love EdgyPet

100% member-powered
open, free and crowdsourced
highly personalized
localized and unbounded
easy, fun and social

We care about…

our members and their pets
connecting with purpose and meaning
sharing experiences and insights
discovering new pet friends
spreading the word
creating value
working together to help each pet live their best life

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