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Finally, a community of our very own.
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We Are Pet-Obsessed

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    Pet Peeps Unite!
    A safe place just for us to unleash our inner pet nerd and be our authentic selves.
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    Every Day is Pet Day
    Living every moment of pet parenthood through entertainment, information and connections delivered daily.
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    Pets for Good
    The most robust, pet-first social network on a mission to enrich the lives of all pets every day.

The very first smart, pet-centric mobile platform that connects you with fellow pet lovers everywhere.

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Feed Your Pet
The only social media platform built around your pet (or pets) with a dynamic, personalized content feed that is 100% about the pets, ‘bout the pets and about nothing else!
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Pet love delivered daily
All the feels, all the love, all the LOL’s - delivered daily by the most passionate pet nerds, savviest pet-experts and pet-obsessed content creators around!
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Spreading the joy of pets
Walking the talk and making sure every pet finds a loving home by partnering with and embedding the content of top rescue and animal welfare organizations.
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People Love Us!

  • Five stars
    Jagjo22, 05/01/2020
    This is so great!
    It’s really nice to see what other pet parents are doing, finding new places to hike, different products, share nutrition and health and of course, my favorite, sweet pictures and awesome videos!
  • Five stars
    Yordin C, 05/07/2020
    Easy to use and fun!
    This app is really nicely done. Very easy to use. I already found several pets that have similar health conditions and personality tags to mine. The quirky tags are my hilarious! “Butt Sniffer”, “Toy Hoarder”, “Head Tilter”, “Sock Stealer” 😂. It’s also not just limited to dogs or cats, there are all kinds of pets on here. Even ferrets!
  • Five stars
    lionspandastigers123, 05/19/2020
    Love this app!
    I am not a big social media person but I absolutely love love love this app. It’s so easy to drop a question and as a result I have learned so much awesome practical information that has helped me with some of my lab’s less than desirable habits!! Not to mention being entertained during this crazy time by posts from other dogs that are a lot like mine. My kids love it too, and I know the content is safe and fun for them, which isn’t always the case online. In this crazy covid time, my family and I know a check of the purrch feed will give us a little boost. And i love that all of the content comes from real pet owners. Breath of fresh air. Great product.
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